5 year Night and More at Marimeta!

Dearest Marimeta Family and Friends,
It’s almost Friday of week 6 and we all can’t figure out where the time has gone! Red and White teams have had a fabulous start and as close as the competition is, it seems to be fun fun and more fun! We have had superb weather and only one rainy chilly day this week! I almost think everyone was ready for it! As much as I personally would love the fun in the sun daily, it gives our skin a break and allows for some special events that just couldn’t be as fun in the sun! The day that was a bit in-climate, was not rainy enough to keep us inside! Games like the shoe game and sing practice need their moments… and thus they had them!

5 year night was very special this year! We had gorgeous weather down by the water and have found that thru the years, there’s no better scenery like Meta Lake to enjoy a traditional and wonderful ceremony! 25 campers and counselors have received their jackets this summer in honor of them spending 5 glorious summers on the shores of Meta Lake! As much as the jacket is the prize, the presentations seem to be more special as the years go on. It’s not just the glitter but the words between the signs that mean the most! Several 5 year parents have returned to give their own daughters their jackets. This year also brought some older sisters back to surprise their siblings with their own presentations! I remember giving my boyz their 5 year jackets when they attended the camp I grew up at! The tears still roll down my face as each jacket is presented! A memorable moment indeed! As tradition goes, after the ceremony the campers and counselors who have been here for 5 years or more summers boarded the buses to our annual “all u can eat pizza and snacks” at Denoyers Supper Club!

Picture day was had this week and one of the best parts of Mobile photo are the albums that the girls receive in the fall of each year, reminding them of the wonderful moments spent that summer at camp! Due to the fact that they are now completely digital, it allows us to give other photos that might not have been taken on the day that the photographers were here each session.! Capture the flag and Team competition still rule the day when Red and White activities are had during the evening hours!

This has to be a year of more returning alumni than in the past! We had parents weekend and then the next weekend was almost as full with alum.
We are working on an Alumni Fantasy camp possibly coming as soon as next summer! The plans are in the works!

Tonight is casino night! Not only will many vegas style games be played on the grounds of Marimeta, but there are horseback rides up by the barn and hayrides in our 1954 Chevy Pick up all around the grounds! It’s non stop fun each day here in our 2011 Summer at camp!

I look forward to filling you in more sooner than later!

Love to all, Sandy