MnMs (Our Philosophy)

Our Marimeta MnM’s (Marimeta Morals) are a way of living that we want to encourage our entire Marimeta family to embrace. We have carefully created 8 MnM’s, which we hope our campers and staff will strive to live by. They incorporate incredible traits and at camp we remind our campers daily and weekly about the MnM’s. We have signs scattered around camp that expand on each individual MnM as well as signs in all the cabins with the 8 MnM’s.

Everyone at camp has the opportunity to award beads on a necklace to campers, counselors, kitchen staff and the maintenance staff if they notice that there has been an effort made to follow one of the MnM’s and the necklaces are worn proudly at camp!

The Marimeta Morals

  • Do the right thing even when no one else is watching.
  • Cheer on your friends. No matter what you accomplish, somebody along the way helped you.
  • Leave a place neater than you found it. Be gentle with the earth.
  • Stand for what is right, even if you are standing alone.
  • Always finish what you start- nothing is really over until you stop trying.
  • We are all the same in the sense we are all unique.
  • Telling the truth in spite of the consequences, takes nerve.
  • Always thank the bus driver and anyone who has been of assistance to you.