Beautiful day at Marimeta!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today was a great day!  We had safety day for 2nd four.  We had the usual stations, but there was also a ski station!  I got checked for lice…don’t worry I don’t have it!  I got to make my schedule.  I got to take the tred test.  And I got to hang out with my new cabin all day.  It was a great day,

Then, after dinner, we had cabin lip sync.  Each cabin got a different musical as their theme.  We had to put together a dance, costumes, and a lip sync in an hour!  It was hilarious!

Cabin 1 did The Sound of Music.  Cabin 2 did The Lion King.  Cabin 3 did The Wizard of Oz. Cabin 4 did Mamma Mia.  Cabin 5 did Mary Poppins.  Cabin 6 did Jersey Boys.  Cabin 8 did Legally Blonde.  Cabin 9 did Wicked.  Cabin 10 did Grease.  And Cabin 12 did Rent.

Cabin 1 won for the flag raisers.  Cabin 12 won for the flag lowers.

It was a fun day.  I can’t wait to start regular activities tomorrow!!

I love and miss you!


Your Camper