Busy Week at Camp

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve been having so much fun!  On Wednesday we played the chocolate game!  It was funny.  You have to sit in a circle with your team.  Then you all take turns rolling dice until someone gets double sixes.  The person that rolled them has to put on funny clothes and then eat a bar of chocolate with a fork and knife.  Even though I didn’t win, I still got to eat a lot of chocolate!

Then Thursday we had general waterfront because it was so hot out.  I went skiing.  Then I went paddle boarding.  I also went on the summit like 15 times.  I love general waterfront!

Thursday night we had a neon social with Ojibwa.  I saw my brother/my cousin/my friends/that kid, you know his parents.  It was fun to dress up in all neon.  I hope to get a pony express from my brother/my cousin/my friends/that kid.

Friday was regular activities.  We get to have free swim on Fridays and also we can go tubing in ski class.  Then, last night we played chaos vs. control.  The counselors dress in all black and wear flag football belts.  All the campers wear white and try to get points by running to different locations with a piece of paper.  The counselors try to tag the campers and take their paper, but the campers try to steal the counselors belts.  It sounds very confusing, but it is so much fun!  It is a Mari vs. Meta event.  The Metas won!

After the game, we had a campfire.  I love campfires.  It was fun to hear the speeches and sing the songs.

I miss you so much, but I get to see you in 2 weeks!!!  Keep looking for me in the pictures!

I love you!


Your Camper