Camp Marimeta 2011! The Best of the Best!

Dearest Marimeta Family and Friends,
The summer of 2011 will go down in history as one of the best ever! If not THE BEST! We have been receiving email and phone calls continuously since the buses arrived yesterday afternoon! We had such a wonderful time with our girls! It will be hard to top this one in the years ahead, yet rest assured we have already started planning for 2012 at Marimeta!

I last wrote to you after a wonderful town day and this past week was action packed with every moment a special one!

We have tried to spread out our special events thru the summer and of course we still could have fit in many more! We had GREAT weather and that was a huge help! Campers and counselors fit in a great game of Chaos vs Control on Thursday August 4th. That was only after a great afternoon of Red and White water relays! We then had a wonderful intercamp competition with our friends at Chippewa Ranch camp. That’s when girls in all age groups played each other in Basketball, Soccer and Tennis! We had our volleyball teams ready, but the time just went by too quickly! Next year we hope to get even more in!

Saturday brought another amazing Red and White Sing! The closest I remember! The Whites eaked out the win and in my mind, it could have been a tie! Each team sang beautifully and the costumes were amazing!

Sunday, the rain stayed away and we were able to fit in the full All Camp Red and White Relay! Another huge event that comes traditionally the day after the sing! Pizza and a movie was certainly needed to ease into a great northwoods nights sleep!

Monday we were back in action with Huggs and Kisses! Marimeta’s own version of Camper/ Counselor Day. This is basically an election and the political parties are the Huggs and the Kisses. Each party has a slate of candidates that they put forth to Run Camp for the Afternoon. They each have people running for the lodge positions and each cabin has candidates to be the counselors for the afternoon! The staff then becomes campers and the winning party ran camp for the day! They were ready to hand back the reigns at dinner… as this is really not as easy of a job as they think! They certainly had wonderful time as did the staff who became campers for a day!  I personally LOVED REST PERIOD! As my winning candidate woke me early to drive the golf cart around camp checking in on her activities! A good time was had by all!

Tuesday we awoke to our annual Olympic day.. and all of the countries competed in all camp olympic events and each country was dressed the part! A wonderful way to bring international spirit into the campgrounds!

Wednesday was not just packing day… the captains gave speeches to the camp about their experiences and we all enjoyed the All Camp Musical production of “High School Musical”! The girls did a great job, especially due to the fact the practices were limited with all of the other special events going on!

Wednesday evening was our annual banquet! Many trophies and special beads were handed out to everyone thru the eveing! Afterwards we enjoyed our final campfire and heard speeches from each cabin group of counselors telling their girls how much they loved having them for the season of 2011!

I hope you have enjoyed “Letters from the Lodge” this summer! I tried to get up some postings at least weekly if not more! When previously staff had always done it! It’s hard to divide my time between talking to parents on the phone, being with our girls and everything else a director does! I truly enjoyed filling you in on the Marimeta happenings from my point of view! This is the first year I did this, as usually it was written by a counselor!

We wish you all a happy and healthy school year and look forward to seeing all of our girls and more back on the shores of Meta Lake for the summer of 2012. I’m going to try to make some updates to this thru the off season, as we also plan to launch our new website!

Love you all, Sandy