Marimeta Special EventsEveryone at camp LOVES their daily activities! However the special events and evening programs are often the favorites! Camp Color war is a big deal at camps throughout the nation. We have two different main color war groups. The first session is Mari- Meta League and the second session is Red and White.

All of our evening programs are mixed up between team events and cabin events. As much fun as it is to be doing an event with your team, cabin events promote that special feeling that you get from your cabin group!

Many Rainy Day activities involve cabin and team competitions. The best of them involve LOTS OF DRESSING UP in crazy costumes, colors and themes! Valentines Day and Christmas in July are just a few of the many theme days!

Come to camp and find out what the following activities are:

  • The Chocolate Game
  • Commercial night skits, grab bag skits, line-to-line skits, etc…
  • All Camp Capture the Flag
  • MTV
  • Stalk The Lantern
  • Message to Martha
  • Captains Duels
  • All Camp Squirt gun fight
  • Total Camp Competition
  • Red and White Sing
  • Red and White Relay
  • Carnival
  • Olympics
  • Western Night
  • Holiday Festivals
  • Miss Marimeta
  • Marimeta Monopoly
  • The Big Challenge
  • Captains Duels
  • Get Stuff, Do Stuff, Find Stuff Out
  • Bingo

And Much much more!