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Job Descriptions

Do you:

  • want to live in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin for the summer?
  • want to have the experience of a lifetime?
  • want to teach the activities that you love so much to children?
  • want to be an excellent role model for campers?
  • want to share your life experiences with others?
  • want to be an integral part of the team of people who make Marimeta so special?

Sounds like you might want to be a camp counselor at Marimeta!

We are looking for the BEST of the best staff to work at one of the most respected and popular camps in North America. Camp counselors have the opportunity to live and work with children and help inspire campers to become exceptional people.

Being a camp counselor is hard work and can be extremely demanding, but it is bound to be one of the jobs you talk about the most throughout your lifetime.

Marimeta counselors are hand picked from hundreds of applicants throughout the year. We hire counselors from several different countries around the world as well as across North America. One of the special aspects about camp is the opportunity to mix so many different cultures and truly learn from each others experiences.

If you are a counselor at Marimeta, you will live in a cabin with campers as well as teach activities during the day. We hire general counselors to teach a variety of activities, as well as specialist counselors who teach certain activities only. All of our counselors take part in the evening program with the campers – this is where some of the best memories are made!

Being a counselor means working hard, playing hard and making everything as fun as possible – both for you and for the campers! It is the time when you are allowed to enjoy being a kid again (mostly)! There will be times when you are the camper’s best friend, or older sister or summer “mom”.

We need lifeguards, swim instructors, ski boat drivers, tennis teachers, arts and crafts specialists and many more activity leaders. Because all of our counselors teach activities, experience is important in the area which you would like to teach. Our sessions are either four weeks or eight weeks long and we have between 160 and 180 campers each session. The time at camp includes a week of training for all staff as well as an optional week before camp starts and post season for some counselors.

We can also incorporate an internship if you need it for college!

Think you have what it takes? Apply Now for the job of a lifetime!