Last week of camp :(

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I literally have been so busy.  There have been so many fun activities and events going on!

We’ve done so much, it’s hard to remember it all.  We did Team Comp, Cabin sing, the big challenge, 5 Year Night, Manny and Pan’s treasure hunt, beach day, the start of the Olympics, Chaos vs. control, water relays, town day, and last night was capture the flag.

I think that you know what most of these are, but I’ll explain the ones that you might not know.

The cabin sing is where each cabin get to make up a new song for camp.  That way we get a ton of new messhall songs.  The senior cabin even wrote a new announcement song!  That was so much fun.

The big challenge is a rainy day activity.  Each cabin is given a list of random things that they have to do.  For example, write marimeta using only your feet, chew a cracker and then whistle, or best hidden talent.  It’s funny to watch.  My favorite is where we get to make fun of the lodgies.  The Sandy impressions are always the best.  “It’s a beautiful day at Marimeta because everyday is a beautiful day.  All my girls are so beautiful and I love them.  And I love that I love them.”

Five year night is a very special night at camp.  The new 5 year campers and counselors get their jackets and the 6 year and up campers and staff get to give them their jackets.  It is so special to be a part of.  This year we gave our 42 new jackets!  And we even had two 10 year staff members!  (and one 11 year staff member).  I can’t wait until I get my 5 year jacket!

Beach day was a very special Sunday!  After lunch we had a band come!  We had a dunk tank.  A snowcone machine!!!!  And also “surf” rides!  It was so much fun!  I LOVE snowcones!!!!!  And I got to dunk my counselor in the dunk tank!  It was probably my favorite Sunday at camp!

At the end of beach day, we did something a little different this year.  We announced olympic teams early!  Everyone got to pick out of a hat and find out what team they were on.  And then the senior cabin captains were on the pontoon boat and  were “pushed” in to announce what country they got!  The Coaches jumped in the water to meet them!  We got to start olympics early because the real olympics are going on!  There are 14 countries in the Marimeta olympics!  Australia, England, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, and America.  (GO USA!!!!!!! )  The JCs then did the opening ceremony for the Marimeta.

Then, we got to watch the opening ceremonies for the real olympics!  They were shortened so it wasn’t 4 hours long, but we got to see all the good stuff!  My favorite part was the audience lighting up.  So cool!!!

I think you know what all of the other events were.  But if not, I’ll be home in 4 days and I can tell you all about them!

Tonight is the sing!!!!!  The Reds/whites are totally going to win!!!  I bet those pictures will be up tomorrow morning!

I love and miss you!  But I don’t want camp to end!


Your Camper