Camp Marimeta for Girls

TERRY’S TIME: The Magic of Camp

Camp is a world unto itself.  For many people who have never experienced camp, it may seem as foreign as the underwater landscape and sea life.  Marimeta truly has a life of its own.  Just like the tide and the ocean currents that change the views from below: The different personalities, the ever changing weather, new activities and age group sizes all play a vital role in how things look and work at Camp Marimeta.snorkel2

Camp is a place where kids can be kids.  Even the older ones.  It is OK, even kind of cool, to be silly. Because Marimeta is not co-ed camp, our girls are not worried about their hair or their make-up, unless it’s to make it the most outrages or the funniest.  What they wear can be an endless struggle at home, but at Marimeta goofy is the “new black”.  Whether the camper has been with us for eight weeks or the second session they have been working on their independence, self-reliance, leadership, cooperation and community living.  These skills take practice and for some it is their first chance to experience these.  The campers at Marimeta start getting in a routine and thrive in taking care of themselves and others.  When the girls get home it can be easy to fall back into rely on their parents to take care of everything.   Give them some responsibilities that they may not have had before.  Ask them to help out around the house.  All the girls now know how to set a table as well as clear the dishes when done.  They  all can make their beds, and sweep a floor.  It may not always be to our standards but they are attempting and that is usually half the battle.  

When at home, some of the girls will retreat to their rooms, others will latch on to their computers and phones.  There are girls who may just seem quiet.  All of these are normal transitions and the girls just need time to decompress.  They need time to slowly come up for air.  The have been living in a unique world that very few understand. 

The Lodgies recieved a thank you note from Cami C., one of our senior cabin girls, that says volumes to how special, unique, remarkable and unexplainable Marimeta can be:

Dear Lodge,

They say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  As these last few days of camp quickly dawn on us, I finally realize that that saying is best applied towards camp.  This beautiful place that we call our summer home has given all of us so much to be thankful for.  This is a very special place where something as simple as grilled cheese can make us go ballistic and nobody thinks anything of it.  Every single girl is here because they are meant to be here.  Sure, we don’t always get along every second, but hey, what do you expect “sisters” to do.  At Marimeta, strangers become friends, friends become sisters, counselors become moms and memories become a part of us.  

When you go home, you try to explain to your parents and friends about the songs, the inside jokes, the cheers and the food-but you end up just telling them “you had to be there…” 

I just wanted to say thank you an infinity amount of time for making my time at camp the most cherished experience of my life.

Love, Cami

As the summer comes to a close we want to thank everyone who has giving us the chance to watch your daughters and granddaughters grow. Thanks for making camp a priority for your daughters.  Thanks for believing in the miracle of camp. There are many opportunities out there and we appreciate that you have chosen Marimeta for your child.  The impact that Marimeta can have on molding their future and the life lessons that can not be learned from home or parents are things we hold dear and cherish.  We love what we do and it would not be possible without all of your support.  


May  you and your daughter’s school year be full of fun, sunshine and most of all, laughter.



We hope you will check in monthly for Letters from the Lodge.  We will be posting interesting articles, fun facts and other interesting news about camp and our campers.

Post season and Alumni camp are available and are a fun way to experience the allure of camp.  If you know of anyone that might like spending a week in the Northwoods, skiing, sailing, and trying their hand on the high ropes course, let them know about Marimeta.  Marimeta is a word of mouth business, please help spread the word about the experiences your daughter has had here.





Flashback Friday!


In Honor of it being the last week of camp 2014…here’s a little flashback of the past 12 years of senior cabins.



SC ’02


SC ’03


SC ’04


SC ’05


SC ’06


SC ’07


SC ’08


SC ’09


SC ’10


SC ’11


SC ’12


SC ’13


SC ’14


Team Thursday!

Red Team:

To keep everyone up to date, I will be writing a letter titled “Team Thursday”. As the weeks have gone by, Red and White has progressed further.  The reds, without a surprise, have been doing a great job!  This week we played many Red and White games including all camp clean up, capture the flag, and chaos vs. control.  Also, one of the best parts of Red and White is sing practice!  Sing practice prepares the teams for one of the largest and my personal favorite Red and White event…the sing.  The Reds have finally learned all of the songs.  They sound great and I can’t wait for the sing on Saturday.

As a captain, I have really gotten to know each and everyone one of the girls on my team.  I am so privileged to have your daughters on the Red team.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the session will hold.  The 2014 Red team is truly one of a kind.  I am so honored to be selected as the captain of the Red team.  It has taught me so much.  It has taught me to value everyday I have on Meta Lake, it has taught me leadership and patience, and it has taught me that a little bit of effort can go a long way.  I will never forget the summer of 2014, but most of all I will never forget my Red team.



Lexi and Dani













White Team:

Hi it’s Lexi, nice to speak with you again.  We have been through another great week of camp and through a bunch of awesome Red and White games!  We have been having so much fun!!!  During sing practice, we have finished learning all four songs.  I am most proud of the theme song my cabin mates and I wrote.  The sing is just two days away!  This week we played stalk the lantern, chaos vs. control, and another round of capture the flag!  The white team girls have been amazing, and I have been loving hanging out with them.  They have so much pep and zest.  Win or lose, we love playing fair, and we love Camp Marimeta!!!

As a captain, I have learned responsibility and time management.  For example, we planned out a daily schedule for making sing costumes.  We might not have stuck exactly to schedule, but we are gonna get everything done!  Being a captain has taught me that everything doesn’t have to be so serious, it should be fun!  The sing can be stressful at times, but I have decided to think of it as a fun learning experience and I just want my team to have a good time!  This has been the best summer ever!  I’m so happy I have gotten to spend it with people I love.


The Red and White Co-Captains











Terry’s Time: Happiness Is an Activity, Not a Place

“I’m not happy”…how many times do we hear this from everyone we work with, from our friends, from our children.  If only this or that would happen I would or could be happy.  

We forget so often that happiness is a matter of choice.  Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher said,”Happiness is an achievement rather then a gift…an achievement that requires effort both inward and outward.”  It’s the decision to intentionally choose a frame of mind and behaviors that will lead you to that happiness.  Marimeta wants to foster positive sentiments, such as compassion, peace of mind and especially gratitude.  We want and need to take the time to work on our happiness.

Camp Marimeta develops the skills that are needed to lead a happy life.  There are few better remedies to unhappiness than close friendships, which we cultivate daily.  We place likeminded campers together that work on being nice to each other and respect each others’ differences.  We want our campers to be their true self and choose friends they are proud to know and people they admire.  We don’t want the girls to compare themselves to anyone else.  Our campers know that they should never stop trying to be the very best version of themselves.  We ask them to give it their all in whatever they are doing.  

We ask our campers to be grateful for the wonderful opportunities they have in their life.  Our activitiy days are now called G-day (gratitude) and K-day (kindness).  We encourage them to take a moment and reflect on who has gone out of their way to do something kind for them and what they may have done for someone in need.  Choose to help others when you’re able. See the following link for a wonderful experiment about this. When you make a positve impact in someones’ life , you also make a positve impact in your own life. Our bead necklaces are also a way to acknowledge gratitude.  Campers and counselors alike are able to give gratitude beads to people whom have helped them in someway to feel empowered, encouraged them to conquer a fear, give them a voice, lend a helping hand or just for giving a much needed smile.

IMG_8951We have all heard of the person whose smile brightens the whole room. A smile may seem simple but that too is a choice.  A real smile makes you and everyone around you feel better.  The simple act of smiling pumps endorphins through your body which actually makes you happier.  So we ask campers to smile and say good morning to each other on the way to the dining room.  

Spend time outdoors.  Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think Inc, says spending at least 20 minutes outside on a nice day not only boosts positive mood, but broadens thinking & improves working memory .  A study at the University of Sussex found participants were substantially happier outdoors in a natural environment.  With schools cutting back on outdoor activities and our society struggling to let our children run around the neighborhood, camp is invaluable for our futures well being.  Happiness is found in the flow…a state in which your mind becomes absorbed in a meaningful task that challenges our ability.  


Our campers at Marimeta learn to be more forgiving. We foster forgivness of self and others.  We all make mistakes and work hard at not building a case against any one particular person.  Girls and drama seem to go together so we work on not getting involved with drama that doesn’t effect us.  We start by being honest with ourselves and everyone else, this makes life less complicated.  Everyday is a new beginning so we let go of the past and create our own happiness today. 

The choice is yours.  I choose happiness.  Will you join me?

May your week be full of fun, sunshine and most of all laughter.





Team Thursday!

Hi, I’m Dani and I am honored to be chosen as the Overall Captain of the Red Team. Although Red and White has only just begun, the Red Team is off to a great start. To kick off Red and White, we played the T-shirt Relay. The T-shirt relay is a fun, yet efficient way to pass out the Red and White t-shirts. I sat beside a large box of red t-shirts and passed each one to my left. The goal of the relay is to complete this in the quickest time. The reds finished merely seconds before the whites, which made it both competitive and fun.Yesterday, due to the warm weather, we played Red and White Water Relays! My little team competed against Kate’s little team. We competed against each other in a variety of events. For example, we did a water relay in which a member of your team had to run into  the lake holding a cup and then run back out to dump the water into a pitcher. The winner of this relay was determined based off of who completed this the fastest. Luckily, my red little team finished this event first! It was both exciting and fun! After an eventful afternoon of Water Relays, we had our first practice in preparation for The Sing.The Sing, is one of the largest Red and White events. In the simplest of terms, the sing consists of four songs: a peppy song, a slow song, a team song, and a theme song. All of the aforementioned songs are sung as a team in unison. Also, the red Senior Cabin girls are working to make an individual costume for each camper! We can’t wait to finish making all of the costumes for each of your girls! Sing practice was a blast and I know The Sing will be too. I couldn’t be happier with my team and I can expect that the rest of the session will be just as great if not better!








Hi!  My name is Lexi and I’m the Overall Captain of the White Team!  I am having so much fun with the White team girls during all the games!  The Peanut Hunt is one I love!  3,000 Red and White mints were thrown all over the campgrounds.  The White co-captains and I ran around camp collecting mints for our team, while the rest of the girls were surrounding the mints.  They couldn’t talk, the only way they could get our attention was to scream cah-caw.  It’s so funny and I had a great time!  We collected over 1,500 mints and even won the game!  We also played a game that’s one of my personal favorites- Capture the Flag.  The team is divided into different positions: flag guard, jail guard, runner, and defense.  I’m a runner and your daughter did a phenomenal job as a (fill in the blank.)  Our team and the Red-team both did so well and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!  There was a tie so we had a tie-breaker round where the Whites captured the flag and won!  Yay!  As if camp couldn’t get any better, we had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch today!  Yum!  Can’t wait to play more games!  Your daughters are so spirited and I’m having so much fun getting to know them all!












What’s Up Wednesday

Wazzzzzzup?  This Wednesday is a special one indeed…indeed it is.  Tonight is 5 year night at camp Marimeta.

What is 5 year night?  5 year night is a special “initiation” ceremony for new 5 year campers and counselors into the 5 year club.  Each new 5 year camper is given their jacket by 6 year and up campers and staff.









This year we had 25 new jackets to give out.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  After the ceremony all of the new 5 year campers and all 6 and up campers and staff get to go to Denoyers for a party.  There is lots of fried food and even more fun.









This year we also have 11 counselors and lodgies that are 10 years or more.  Sandy, Terry, Jacqui, Lillie, Mari, Nicola, Jessie, Abi, Dana, Alyssa, and Sophi have all been at camp for more than 10 years.  How lucky are we that we have such loyal and amazing staff!  We hope that everyone can get the opportunity to come to camp for 10 years.









This week we have had a special event every night.  Monday night we had Wayne Faust come to camp.  Wayne puts on a concert for us.  You may remember him from his youtube video we put up last year, and there will be a new video of this year up soon.











Tuesday night was Miss Marimeta.  This is where cabins are given a contestant (a boy) and have to make their contestant into the most beautiful girl.  The male staff at Marimeta and some boys from Menominee helped us have our Miss Marimeta pageant.  It was a really close race for the winner, but in the end only one could win the grand prize.  Rebecca (Frankie) won Miss Congeniality for her charisma and personality.  And for the second time in a row Miss Soyna (Sony) won the grand prize.  It was a hysterical evening.











We have so much more fun things planned for the last two weeks of camp.

Marimeta Moral Monday

Do the right thing, even when no one is watching

We had the most amazing example of this the first week of second four.  During safety day, the campers bring their town day money to bank.  One camper comes running in, very upset.  This camper had $60 in her pocket, and the money had fallen out.

The camper was told to retrace her steps and to check other pairs of shorts, maybe she put the money in the wrong one.  While the camper was looking, the lodge asked around to see if anyone had seen the money.  Five minutes before, a camper named Sami N. had turned in the $60 she found in the middle of the field.

It would have been very easy for Sami to come to the lodge and say that the money was her own.  It would have been easy for Sami to put the money in her pocket and not tell anyone about it.  But, Sami did the right thing, she turned the money in.  Sami is just one example of the many Marimeta girls that follow the Marimeta morals.

There is a Fray song that says, “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”  Most people know what the right thing to do is, but choose to not do it because it is hard or because it isn’t “cool.”  We try to teach the girls that doing the right thing is always the correct choice.  This is a moral that they will use every single day of their lives.  In school it might be easier to copy off of someone’s paper, but it is wrong.  If you are playing soccer inside the house and accidentally break something, it might be easier to blame it on the dog, but it is wrong.

We hope all of the campers strive to be like Sami N. and do the right thing…even if no one is watching.


When we think about education mathematics, humanities, language are the first on our list and the arts usually fall into the bottom.  However, when you read about top executives or talk to business heads they say creativity is the crucial skill for the 21st century.  IBM found that creativity was considered to be the number one leadership trait for the future. People in leadership positions must be creative and become creative problem solvers.  Fortune 500 companies say “we need people who can be innovative , who can think differently.”IMG_9634

Camp Marimeta  rewards our girls for their creative process and innovation.  Most of our special events and evening activities have a special section just for creativity.  Creativity is what make your life fun.  It’s what lets yourself soar and try and figure out a new and better way to do something.  Creativity is really a function of everything we do.  Everybody has an enormous creative capacity and Marimeta works hard to pull these traits out of all our campers.  One of the greatest skills we promote and teach is collaboration and the exchange of ideas.  We don’t want campers to be frightened by being wrong.  We give them permission to make mistakes.  They can experiment and try without judgement.  Our aim is to encourage campers to innovate and to experiment.  We do not give them all the answers but give the the supplies they need to work out the answer or even better, imagine a new scenario.

IMG_8963 IMG_8942 IMG_8945


The skills we teach at Camp Marimeta for girls are many times intangable, they go beyond learning to play soccer or getting up on skis.   Campers at Marimeta learn about empathy, public speaking, patience and problem solving in inventive ways.  We attempt to strenghten their imagination by giving them new and challenging programs and activity each year.  The girls also look forward to many of the annual special events to try out their novel idea that they have been brain-storming.  These annual skits require a genuine creative process involving critical thinking as well as imaginitive insight and fresh ideas especially for our older campers because they have done them before.  These are the events the lodge can’t what for because of the unusual, unconventional and sometimes avant guarde ideas our camper come up with.

IMG_9517When you allow creativity to prosper, you inspire those around you.

May your week be full of fun, sunshine and most of all laughter.