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Camp Marimeta for Girls

Marimeta Moral Monday

Do the right thing, even when no one is watching

We had the most amazing example of this the first week of second four.  During safety day, the campers bring their town day money to bank.  One camper comes running in, very upset.  This camper had $60 in her pocket, and the money had fallen out.

The camper was told to retrace her steps and to check other pairs of shorts, maybe she put the money in the wrong one.  While the camper was looking, the lodge asked around to see if anyone had seen the money.  Five minutes before, a camper named Sami N. had turned in the $60 she found in the middle of the field.

It would have been very easy for Sami to come to the lodge and say that the money was her own.  It would have been easy for Sami to put the money in her pocket and not tell anyone about it.  But, Sami did the right thing, she turned the money in.  Sami is just one example of the many Marimeta girls that follow the Marimeta morals.

There is a Fray song that says, “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”  Most people know what the right thing to do is, but choose to not do it because it is hard or because it isn’t “cool.”  We try to teach the girls that doing the right thing is always the correct choice.  This is a moral that they will use every single day of their lives.  In school it might be easier to copy off of someone’s paper, but it is wrong.  If you are playing soccer inside the house and accidentally break something, it might be easier to blame it on the dog, but it is wrong.

We hope all of the campers strive to be like Sami N. and do the right thing…even if no one is watching.


When we think about education mathematics, humanities, language are the first on our list and the arts usually fall into the bottom.  However, when you read about top executives or talk to business heads they say creativity is the crucial skill for the 21st century.  IBM found that creativity was considered to be the number one leadership trait for the future. People in leadership positions must be creative and become creative problem solvers.  Fortune 500 companies say “we need people who can be innovative , who can think differently.”IMG_9634

Camp Marimeta  rewards our girls for their creative process and innovation.  Most of our special events and evening activities have a special section just for creativity.  Creativity is what make your life fun.  It’s what lets yourself soar and try and figure out a new and better way to do something.  Creativity is really a function of everything we do.  Everybody has an enormous creative capacity and Marimeta works hard to pull these traits out of all our campers.  One of the greatest skills we promote and teach is collaboration and the exchange of ideas.  We don’t want campers to be frightened by being wrong.  We give them permission to make mistakes.  They can experiment and try without judgement.  Our aim is to encourage campers to innovate and to experiment.  We do not give them all the answers but give the the supplies they need to work out the answer or even better, imagine a new scenario.

IMG_8963 IMG_8942 IMG_8945


The skills we teach at Camp Marimeta for girls are many times intangable, they go beyond learning to play soccer or getting up on skis.   Campers at Marimeta learn about empathy, public speaking, patience and problem solving in inventive ways.  We attempt to strenghten their imagination by giving them new and challenging programs and activity each year.  The girls also look forward to many of the annual special events to try out their novel idea that they have been brain-storming.  These annual skits require a genuine creative process involving critical thinking as well as imaginitive insight and fresh ideas especially for our older campers because they have done them before.  These are the events the lodge can’t what for because of the unusual, unconventional and sometimes avant guarde ideas our camper come up with.

IMG_9517When you allow creativity to prosper, you inspire those around you.

May your week be full of fun, sunshine and most of all laughter.



Dara’s Campfire Speech

On Friday night we always have campfires.  This campfire’s theme was “What will you take home from camp?”  Cabins 8 and 9 were in charge of the campfire and it was a great one.  There was one speech that especially stood out.  Dara, a first year camper, wrote this amazing speech.  The last line of the speech she didn’t write down, she memorized and it should say, Marimeta doesn’t just give its campers skills for home, Marimeta gives its campers skills for life.  Great Job Dara!IMG_5775

Flashback Friday!

What goes around comes around.  Keep your circle positive.  Congratulations to our overall Red and White Captains…Lexi and Dani…BFF since their first years here!  Lexi Dani#flashbackfriday

Meal Ticket

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hey! I don’t even know where to begin! The last couple days of camp have been jam packed with fun! To start, the weather here is beautiful! It’s “G Day” (G for Gratitude) for activities, so I have High Ropes, Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Skiing, and Aerobics! In my ski class, I want to learn how to wakeboard, so I may give that a shot today – keep you posted! For lunch, we just had a new meal at camp called “Jacked Up Potato Bar.” Everyone got their own baked potato, and we got to fill it with all these yummy topping. It was the perfect meal after a super busy morning at camp!

OMG! Last night, the craziest thing happened! Red and White, our second four all-camp team competition, was announced in the coolest way! The counselors told us we were all going to bed early, and then ten minutes later the song “Light it Up” by came on over the loud speaker and woke us all up! We all started screaming, and our counselors started chanting, “Light up the night with Red and White!” Then, we all ran to the Rec Hall. It was all decorated with white lights and bags that were lit up with each of our names written on them! It was so pretty! The Lodge then explained to us that we were surprising Senior Cabin and had to be super quiet. We all waited silently in the Rec Hall until Senior Cabin ran through the doors, after they came back from go-karting! It was one of the best nights at camp ever!!!! Since it was a late night, we got to have a sleep-in this morning! Lucky us!

If you can’t tell by my letter, I am so happy I am here. The sun is shining, Red and White is under way, my Olympic team is as competitive as ever, and my cabin has been getting along so well! Did I mention, I love my counselors? Anyways, thank you so much for sending me to the best place ever! I feel so lucky, and I cannot wait for the next couple weeks!

Your Happy Camper

What’s Up Wednesday

What’s up Chicken Butts?  The beginning of second session here at Camp Marimeta has been an amazing one.

The new campers arrived on Sunday afternoon and got unpacked.  We had delicious pizza for dinner and starting singing our favorite camp songs.  After dinner, we played the game we always play the first day of second session…The Counselor Hunt.  The Counselor Hunt is when counselors get dressed up as animals and hide throughout camp.  The campers have to find all of the staff and guess what they are dressed up as.









Monday was safety day.  It was a bit chilly outside, but that didn’t stop us from being super safe.  The campers learned the important rules of swimming, high ropes, and skiing.  The campers also got to sign up for their activities.








We played General Headquarters Monday night.  General Headquarters is a game where the lodge comes up with hysterical categories that campers have to bring to them.  For example, each cabin had to make up a cheer about Lillie, which cabin had the funniest hairstyle, and who could make the best bridal gown out of toilet paper.











Tuesday we finished up safety day and then played Bingo in our Olympic teams.  The olympic teams were “SO EXCITED THEY COULD FEEL IT!”









It was a cold start to second session, but the temperature couldn’t keep us down!  Everyone here loves wearing their five year jackets and sweatpants for a few days.  And it made it so much more special when the sun started shining!  We have so many delightful activities planned for the rest of the session!  Stay tuned for more fun!

Marimeta Moral Monday

We are all the same in the sense we are all unique.

This is one of the morals that takes a little time to understand.  How can we all be the same and different at the same time?

One of the coolest parts of camp is making new friends.  The campers and staff can meet people from all around the world.  They can have places to stay if they ever travel abroad.  To hear other accents and learn all the funny words that the international staff use is one of the highlights of camp.  Who knew a water fountain was called a bubbler and a sweatshirt was called a jumper?

How can campers and staff from all over the world have something in common?  Camp is something that unifies us all.  For eight weeks, everyone here is the same because we are all Marimeta girls.  At the same time we are all completely different.  Some of us may be blonde, some may be brunette, some may love to ski, others might love to do the high ropes course, some of us love to read while others love to socialize.  But all of us are bound together by Marimeta and the sisterhood we all share.

Learning to understand and accept each others differences is an important life skill.  The lesson of us all being the same because we are different can be used in every single campers’ futures.  Whether it is having a college roommate from a different culture or a boss that is from a different background the campers have the skills to find something in common with everyone.  The girls will know that every person is the same in the sense we are all unique.

Terry’s Time…CHANGE

CHANGE…..UGH..Why should we have to deal with change?

The answer is because transitions happen everyday, to everyone: it is the one constant in life.

At Camp Marimeta we want the campers to embrace change.  Change can and should be a positive thing.  Change can lead you to new friends and develop a stronger belief in yourself.  We want our campers to focus on the poitive that will inevitably come from any transition.  We believe that change exists to teach us something, to make us a better person and to put us on a new path.  Many times we get stuck in the past and lose our ablity to move forward.  Camp lets us flex our “change muscle”.  By using our “change muscle” we strengthen it each time we except change and move through it.  This muscle helps us maintain a happier outlook and search for genuine solutions to face unfamiliar or tough situations.

With our culture of trying to make sure our kids are content, we try to stay one step ahead of everything our kids are going to encounter.  But we are doing our children a disservice, because we know life doesn’t work that way.  Marimeta strives to teach campers and counselors to deal with change on the fly.  By not meeting there every wish we want to help develop their  problem-solving skills and their resilience . Marimeta wants to engage your child in figuring out how they can handle challenges, what works and what doesn’t.


Change encourages you to make a choice.  You can choose to feel better and not blame someone else when things are difficult or you can choose to hold on to self-pity and grudges.  Negative thoughs block our creativity and our logical thinking skills. We like to focus on the future, not the past.  At camp you are surrounded by a group of people that are supportive and have been through many of the changes and challenges that young  ladies experience.  Having a group like our Marimeta girls to help navigate through these issues make the transition more genuine.

So lets try to keep our circle positve and remember what goes around comes around.  Lets go in the direction life takes us.  Embrace the transitions that camp provides your daughter and know that she is going to come out of theses challenges a stronger, confident, courageous and happier person.

May your week be full of fun, sunshine and most of all laughter.