Miss Marimeta

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  How are you?  I’m doing great!  Yesterday it was soooooo hot outside!  We had regular activities during the morning and then in the afternoon we had an inter-camp Chippewa.  The little kids went there and the big kids stayed here.  I played soccer, basketball, and tennis.  It was also general waterfront at camp in the afternoon.  It was so nice to be in the lake!  Meta Lake is amazing this summer.  It was 85 yesterday!  I went tubing, but I didn’t fall off!  I also went down the summit like 50 times.  The summit is my favorite part of general waterfront.

We then had MTV practice because it is coming up so soon.  After dinner, we had the Miss Marimeta contest!

Miss Marimeta is where every cabin gets a boy to dress up as a girl.  A bunch of boys from Menominee came to participate: Will, Steve, Richard, Tom, Terry, Joe, Brendon, and Ben all came to help out.  TJ from Ojibwa came to help.  And of course Sandy, CJ, and Sony helped out from Marimeta.  Kasper K from Monster Entertainment also came to participate.  He was awesome.  I want him to DJ my Bat Mitzvah!!!!!!

Cabin 1 had Will, Cabin 2 had Sandy, Cabin 3 had Steve, Cabin 4 had CJ, Cabin 5 had TJ, Cabin 6/7 had Richard and Tom, Cabin 8 had Terry, Cabin 9 had Kasper, Cabin 10/11 had Joe and Brendon, and Cabin 12/13 had Ben and Sony.

CJ dressed up as Grandma Barbie.  Cabin 4 and CJ won Miss Congeniality.  Sony dressed up as Sonia from Toddlers and Tiaras.  Cabin 13 and Sony won Miss Marimeta!  A good time was had by all!!!

This morning we started out with an MTV practice and will have regular activities the rest of the day.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I am so excited!!!!

Keep looking for my in the pictures.  Remember, I’ll be the kid smiling really big!

I love and miss you.


Your Camper