Marimeta Health CenterAt Marimeta, the health and wellness of our campers is the number one priority! Marimeta has a wonderful fully equipped Health Center on grounds. The Health Center is staffed with two nurses who live at camp for the entire summer. Each week we have a Dr. in residence to be there for consultations and provide prescriptions and orders to the local pharmacy and / or hospital as needed. It’s not necessary to have a Dr., however we look at this as an extra-added bonus to our health center staff.

With the nurses living on grounds for the summer, they have the opportunity to really get to know our girls to meet their needs while away from home. Whether it be to administer daily medications or just to be there for a needed hug, the nurses provide that extra personal attention when someone is not feeling well. If a member of our Marimeta community needs the attention of a specialist or tests done at the local hospital, it’s the nurses job to assist in making those decisions and arrangements and often it is them who take them to appointments or laboratory services that require leaving the camp grounds.

We have health call in the morning prior to breakfast, following lunch, after dinner and prior to bedtime. They are also on call and at least one is in camp 24 hours a day. Having a medical staff on grounds and a comfortable place with guest rooms is nice, especially when a camper or counselor is running a fever and needs to sleep out of her cabin for one or more nights.

We have many procedures in addition to the health center to ensure our camp remains healthy! All of our staff are trained prior to camp in first aid and CPR, and with regular hand washing and health checks we are very proud of Marimeta’s high standards of wellness!