Prime Rib at the First Session Banquet!

A Fabulous Final Banquet was held tonight in the Marimeta Mess Hall!

We all enjoyed a wonderful day here on the shores of Lake Meta. From Pakcing in the cabins, to Swim the lake, a final ski and even MTV and Glee’s first season shown in the Rec Hall! A great way to go into parents weekend!

Today’s lunch was broiled chicken breasts…. Many chose to enjoy there’s between fresh baked buns.. straight from the Bakery!

The dinner banquet was PRIME RIB and freshly mashed potatoes! Followed by homemade Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin cookies!

Golden Trophies were handed out and a selection of Galaxy Beads to grace the necklaces of our Marimeta Girls!

Another great banquet to celebrate a Marvelous Month on the shores of Meta Lake!

WE can’t wait to see all of our parents tomorrow.. whether it be at the buses or at the gate at 2pm!

Love to all, Sandy