Project Runway and MORE!

Dearest Marimeta Families and Friends!
We are near completion of another fabulous day at Marimeta. Although the rain fell intermittently, we continued on with the best summer ever! Regular activities were able to be held and everyone went swimming, skiing, surfing, boarding, canoeing and kayaking! The water does seem to get warmer each day as the Summit was used by all!

Breakfast was Delicious Pancakes and normal assortment of fruit and yogurt and cereals! Hot chocolate helped to ease a chilly morning and warmed us for the day! Chicken Salad was exceptional today and of course Fettuccini Alfredo with Grilled chicken was another amazing dinner! Not to mention that fresh fruit was had all day long in between activities! I personally loved the fresh plums! HMMMMM

Tonight’s special event was superb! We had a variation of Project Runway.. where this time the Mari-Meta League teams each had their own representative with a hiking and forestry theme! The outfits were something that Uncle Dan’s, Cloz company and Patagonia would have been proud to have hosted! We had the most amazing outfits as the girls hiked down the isle to the amazement of their peers!
We think that every outfit outdid the one prior… and although all of our girls are winners… tonight’s event went to the Mari’s with a score of 4-3. It was too hard to determine… however the judges did an excellent job of finding the differences!

We did decide to put everyone to bed early tonight at 9:30 because we need the rest looking at the weather for the next week! We are excited for the warm sunny days to be present and are loading up on sunscreen for the upcoming Marimeta days in the sun!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to peruse the previous days of MnM’s.. then go back a few days online and look at them. Marimeta Morals continue to reign the day here at camp! Each day we take one and go over it in the cabins! To us, the way we treat each other sets the stage for the rest of our lives of being kind and considerate to those around us! At Marimeta these are just a few of the important lessons learned each day!

We’re looking forward to updating you on each and every day ahead at Marimeta! Loving and missing you all, Sandy