At Marimeta, and along with expert advice from the American Camping Association and several psychologists such as Dr. Chris Thurber, we truly have the tools to help both you and your camper conquer any homesickness!

Please read through our list of ‘Dos’ and Don’ts’ in regards to best preparing your daughter for a successful camp experience!


  • Encourage sleepovers prior to camp
  • Include your daughter when choosing a camp which is the best fit
  • Discuss camp and what it will be like
  • Address and stamp envelopes and send them with your daughter to camp as a great way to be in touch with home
  • Pack a stuffed animal from home to provide comfort
  • Know that at Marimeta we have daily ‘Homesick Club’ meetings to help our campers
  • Feel free to call camp at any time for updates on how your camper is doing
  • Speak to your daughter and tell her you will miss her, but that you know that camp is going to be a great experience for her!


  • Be afraid of homesickness- it is the norm, and not the exception
  • Offer bribes for your daughter to stay at camp
  • NEVER promise to come and pick up your camper if she is homesick!