More Than a Meal

Mealtime at Marimeta is truly one of the special events! Not only do we have the BEST food in camping, we also have the most exciting mess hall you will ever find!

All meals are served family style. We have camper waitresses at every meal (the great thing about this is you get to have your food first!). Campers and counselors sit at different tables every week!

Breakfast has all of your favorite cereals and a choice of oatmeal or cream of wheat. Fresh fruit, yogurt, pancakes, bacon and eggs, danishes, French toast… simply too many to list!

There is an endless supply of fresh, hot food brought right to your table! Meals like turkey and gravy, lemon chicken, steak, lasagna, grilled cheese (Al’s is a top secret recipe), chicken fingers and MANY more will all fill your tummies and bring smiles to your faces!

Fresh salad and fruit bar every dinner!. Also there are always alternates to every meal and we can accommodate special diets too!

After the feasting the singing begins! The mess hall comes alive after lunch and dinner with the Senior Cabin leading the camp in song. You may even find yourself singing when you return back home from camp at meals with your family!

All day every day there is fresh fruit available in the lodge! There is also canteen each day, where you can have a candy or soda, as well as evening treats before you go to bed at night! After a busy day at camp this is a great way to catch up with your counselors and cabin mates before you go to bed!