Red and White! Outta Sight!!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m having a great time at camp!  Yesterday red and white teams were announced!!! It was so cool!  Sandy called us all to the waterfront!  Jacqui was skiing holding a red and white flag with Frankie driving the boat!  And then AJ, CJ, and Mari were on a red shark that TJ from Ojibwa let them borrow and Lillie was driving the boat.  They were all wearing the new red and white shirts.  Then, Dunks dropped a banner from the summit saying RED and WHITE!!!!  And finally, there were hundreds of white rubber duckies dropped into the swim area with our names written in either black for the white team or red for the red team.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

The overall captains got skis with their names on them that Nic made…I’m so jealous!  The co-captains got mini skis and the little captains got stuffed animal ducks.  It was so much fun.

I am a red or white!  Please send me fun clothing in that color.  Maybe some face paint or necklaces as well!  I love red and white.

Last night was the first red and white activity.  It is tradition to do the t-shirt relay and the peanut hunt!  The t-shirt relay is where the captains have a box with shirts with our names on them.  Silently, we pass the shirts and when you get to your shirt, you have to put it on.  The team that does this the fastest wins.  The red team won by 1 second.

Then, we got to do the “peanut” hunt.  We used to do it with peanuts, but now to be safer for allergies we try to use different items.  Last year we did a marshmallow hunt.  But, that got kinda gross.  So this year, we did a “peanut” hunt using starbursts.  The “peanut” hunt is one of the funniest games at camp.  Each team gets an animal sound.  This year the reds were “hee haw” and the whites were “ribbit”.  The captains have garbage bags.  When someone sees a “peanut” they stand over it and make their sound.  The captain can then go and pick it up.  It is funny to hear “hee haw” and ribbit” all over camp.

Today we are having normal activities!  I am having such a great time!  I love it here!

I love and miss you.


Your Camper