Dearest Marimeta Family and Friends,
What a fantastic week and we still even have another day to go! The weather has been near perfect! A great deal of lake time in every water activity! Even some “not as hot” days to get great activities like Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer etc.. going! When it gets real hot, we can dip our kids at the end of some land sports… allowing us to continue regular activities!

Wednesday evening we had the Chocolate game. A fun game explained in a previous letter from the lodge. It’s one of those activities that must be repeated each session! Pictures can tell a thousand words!

RED AND WHITE TEAMS HAVE BEEN PICKED! That’s right, yesterday was the day that everyone looks forward to each year second session! We had everyone out in the field for lost laundry and then out from behind the cabins came all of the counselors spraying red and white paint on everyone! (Actually it was frosting of both colors) much easier to eat and get out of our clothing! The girls then went through a huge pile of sunglasses that were red and white! Once they found out what team they were on, all of the girls in the senior cabin stood in a straight line in front of the camp. Each camper was wearing swim goggles. There were paint buckets, one of red and one of white. Terry and I walked behind the girls and the captains found out by the bucket of frosting being poured over their heads and then their name was announced. The anticipation from both the girls and the rest of the camp was so exciting! Once the pioneer captains were announced, hats were handed out to them and to each of the dude and rancher captains were then announced. We then introduced each captain to their own team. The campers then were led in a “rattlesnake line” down to the lake where lifeguards lined the docks! The frosting was rinsed off as everyone went into the cooling waters of Meta Lake!

Tradition has it that the first Red and White activity is the T-shirt relay… where all of the girls were given their shirts in a circle. It’s really a race to get each labeled shirt to everyone on their team. Then came the annual peanut hunt! Due to so many allergies that we face today and having three campers with peanut allergies… we changed the game to the “Marshmallow hunt”! As opposed to hunting for peanuts, we used small white marshmallows! During this hunt, no one can talk or point at the marshmallows.. but they stand over them making their team sound and each captain has a bag and they run around camp looking for their teammates making their sound over the marshmallow. Only the captains can then pick them up and put them in the bag. This years sounds were Moo and Oink… so it sounded like a little animal farm for the evening!

Tonight is the first Red and White Capture the Flag game! To let you know how popular this game is… many girls would love it if we just played capture the flag every evening! We anticipate a loud and exciting dinner!

We are so happy that this weekend as opposed to parents, we have so many alumni visiting! Many girls who have recently been counselors have taken this weekend to reunite at their summer home! It’s so wonderful to see them back!

We are looking for a great weekend ahead and I will do my best to keep you informed! Please know that I do try to get these letters written often, yet my first priority is to be with our girls! I hope you are enjoying the news…. We certainly are enjoying our summer! We are trying to put up more pictures than ever! Enjoy! Love to all, Sandy