Regular activities

Dear Mom and Dad,

Project runway was this morning!  It was so funny.  We had to dress our counselors in funny costumes having to do with our cabin theme.  The winners were cabin 1, cabin 4, and cabin 8.  Cabin 1 dressed up Jen as the villain from the movie tangled. Cabin 4 dressed up Sammie as the grinch.  Cabin 8 dressed up Sophie as an evil prince.  Check the pictures, they should be up soon!

For lunch we had pita sandwiches.  During rest hour, I read a letter from you!  I also played tether ball with other kids in my cabin.

And then the real fun began!  We started normal activities.  I had swimming and skiing today.  My two favorites!  And of course, we had general.  I went tubing and also I played jacks in my cabin.  I won!

Tonight, we are going to play the trunk game.  It is one of my favorite games at camp.  We have to pick 25 items and put them in a duffel.  Then the counselors call out random items and if we have them we get points.  Some of the items are really easy, like toothpaste.  But, other items are hard like a red shoe.

Can’t wait until we have a full day of activities tomorrow!!!!!

I love and miss you!


Your Camper