Safety Day

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today we had safety day.  We started by picking out activities!  I picked sailing, skiing, archery, climbing wall, kayak/canoe, and so many more, I’ll send you my schedule later!

We then made our bead necklaces.  I get beads when I do good things at camp.

We went to the health center next.  The nurses are so nice!!!  They checked me for lice…Don’t worry, I don’t have it.

Next, we went to a safety meeting.  We went over the rules to make sure everyone has a safe and happy summer.

We then got to play a game in the middle of the field.  It was a get to know you game.  I learned everyone’s name in my cabin!

Last, I did the swim test.  I got to jump in the lake with my sweats on.  It was so funny.  I passed, and now I can go sailing, windsurfing, skiing, and all the other fun waterfront activities.

It was an awesome day.  Tonight is staffingo.  We learn all about the counselors and funny facts about them.  For example, Mari’s grandma got bit by a lion.  Audrey lives on Audrey Lane.  Emily was named after Michael Jordan (her middle name is Jordan).  Karlee was on MTV cribs.  Kendall was on Trading Spaces.  And Chloe lives on a farm with 2000 sheep.  The counselors are so funny and cool.

Tomorrow I start regular activities and I cannot wait!  Check for more pictures of me.  I’ll be the kid smiling really big!

I love and miss you,


Your Camper