Thank you for a great summer!

Dear Parents,

Today is the last day of camp.  It is a very sad day for most campers and yet a happy day because they get to see you.

We’ve had an amazing summer.  We’ve had the BEST weather EVER here at camp, which makes for great activities.  Some of the highlights include: the “peanut hunt”, capture the flag, stalk the lantern, chaos vs. control, the chocolate game, rainbow horse races, socials, trips, MTV, the Sing, TC comp, AC relay, and so so so many more.

We just wanted to say Thank You.  Thank you for sending your daughter to Camp Marimeta.  We love every single one of them!  Thank you for trusting us with your child.  We don’t take the job lightly!  Thank you for making this a great summer.

When your daughter arrives home, you may notice a few things.  She will want to shower/eat/watch tv immediately.  She will probably talk faster (if that is possible).  She will use weird words like “wobble” and “mwah”.  She will text/call her new camp friends about every 30 seconds.  See will say LOVE YOU all the time.  She will want muffins for breakfast (chocolate chip and blueberry), grilled cheese for lunch, and probably turkey for dinner.  She will be able to impersonate a British accent pretty well.  She might want to sleep late on Sundays.  She will know how to set a table properly.  (feel free to make her do this) She might sing after lunch and dinner (and very loudly).    She might expect Taps to play  before she goes to bed.  She will want a snack before bed as well.  She might play jacks on the wood floor.  She will know a really fun/annoying game called “bunny bunny”.  She will like to snuggle.  She might want to watch a movie Sunday night.  She will be missed by us so much!

We can’t wait for next year!

MnM (Marimeta Mwah)

The  Lodge Staff 2012