Town Day is today! What a great week and it’s only Wednesday!

Dearest Marimeta Families and Friends,
We had quite a rainy day yesterday. We had time for a great sing practice, the 2nd installment of the movie Back to the Future and planning a fabulous commercial night skit that was performed last night! WOW! Definitely the best skits of this session! Oh, did I forget to mention that we also had time to fit in Red and White’s version of Project Runaway! The rain does not stop the fun at Marimeta! The sun is back and we have been in regular activities all morning! This afternoon is town day, a favorite by campers and counselors and of course, the retailers in the Island City of Minocqua! If you should get a phone call and miss it, please don’t worry, your girls will be home a week from tomorrow. Our policy is to not have campers call back missed calls from town. The majority of the campers will not call. We discourage it.. as it does sometimes bring tears. It’s also town day, not phone day! After dinner we will all go and watch the Minocqua-Bat Ski Show! Another favorite by all!

Since our last letters from the lodge, we have had a power outage, Casino Night and some amazing Capture the Flag! Many campers have been proud of their activity accomplishments, especially those that involve water skiing or a new activity that they found difficult earlier in the summer!

We are all getting excited for the Red and White water relays, the Red and White Sing, The All Camp Relay and many more favorite traditional events in the next few days!

So much to do.. and so little time! This summer has just flown by! It’s true when they say that time flies when you’re having fun!

Love to all, Sandy