Weather is warmer and Marimeta League Rocks!

Dearest Families and Friends,

Another terrific Tuesday at Marimeta! Regular activities ruled the day as the warm weather has started to return. Mari-Meta League is in full swing! Our first evening of team competition in various activities around camp between the teams was done in the early evening activity. Sideline basketaball, deck tennis, softball, steal the bacon, volleyball, newcomb and a host of others!

On the food front, the day started out with a great Bakers Breakfast including DONUTS! That along with fruit, yogurt and an astonishing selection of cereals! Lunch was Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches! Cheese for those lovely young ladies keeping kosher style! Dinner was Lettuce Wraps and and amazing salad bar! I think Albert could teach PF Changs a few tips on making great lettuce wraps!

The evening program was followed with a new special gift to all involved in Mari-Meta League! This years theme being soda and the shirts all having cans on the front was complimented by our own Marimeta League Coozi can holders! With everyone’s team colors and names on them. The fun part was finding your own. We put them all in a pile in the middle of the field and then everyone had to find their own and get back in their team line! A race for everyone! Won by the Meta’s! A fun variation of an old shoe game we played as children!

The Sun is coming strong the next few days as we approach the holiday weekend! So get ready for some great water related pics on the website! Love to all, Sandy